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Are you tired of ruining the quality and flavour of your favourite scotch due to watering it down with ice? Keep your scotch chilled with the unique Whiskey Chilling Stones which come in a Pack of 9. Whiskey stones are perfect for on the rocks drinks like whiskey, ice stone pieces like these chill your beverage without watering it down.

These stones for scotch can be used to keep your beverage chilled for long periods of time. A perfect gift for anyone who enjoys their drink on the rocks!

How to use

• Place the stones in the freezer for 2-3 hours.

• Add whiskey stones to your preferred drink.

• Wait 5 minutes for the stones to chill your preferred drink and enjoy!


• Whiskey stones are made of natural grey soap stone

• Cubes are 2cm x 2cm x 2cm

• Set includes 9 whiskey stones

• Includes velvet pouch for easy storing and traveling with your stones

• Well-rounded stones ensure that your glass won’t get scratched

• Easy to wash and reuse

• Odour and taste-free

• Whiskey stones are intended to create an 8 to 15-degree chill temperature and are not meant to cool as quickly as ice.

• Maintains a chill for long periods of time.

• Warning, do not chew, ingest, attempt to break or shatter whiskey stones.

***Glasses not included.

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