Vertical Spin Trainer

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Meet the Vertical Spin Trainer: a 3-in-1 exercise machine that can serve as an elliptical, exercise bike, and stepper to target your abs, core, butt, hips, and thigh.

The Vertical Spin Trainer features 8 levels of resistance and gets you up and out of the saddle for the ultimate calorie burn. The spinner also features 3 degrees of activation.

Level 1: Cardio Burn,

Level 2: Abs & Core,

Level 3: Buns, Hips & Thighs.

  • Vertical Spin Trainer gets you out of the saddle and on your way to a new and sexy body. Standing while spinning burns more calories than sitting, so we eliminated that skinny little seat.
  • The Spin Trainer folds up like an upright vacuum cleaner so you never have to worry about storage again. Ellipticals and Steppers are so bulky and heavy, but with the durable Spin Trainer, you can just wheel it way without any issues.
  • The 8 levels of resistance along with the 3 degrees of activation gives you 24 different workout settings.
  • Super quiet flywheel guarantees a quiet ride so you can workout at home without bothering anyone else.


The Vertical Spin Trainer offers a unique approach to your typical routine, challenging the way a spin class normally takes place and getting you moving quicker. By requiring you to stand the entire time, you even workout the muscles along and under your buttocks, giving you the boosted booty you want. If you are ready to try something a little different from your typical routine, then it’s time to challenge yourself with the Vertical Spin Trainer.

It's easy to adjust and folds like an upright vacuum cleaner! 


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