Underlight - 12 Inch LED Home Light

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Motion activated accent lighting for your home

The 12" LED Underlight is a battery powered slim light that can be easily installed in your home for safety purposes or for decorative effect. No plugs, tools or bulb replacements are needed.

Switched on at the power box, a motion sensor will make the light turn on when any kind of movement is detected. The light will then stay on for either 1 minute or 5 minutes after having been activated. A switch on the light panel allows you to select between two options of either 1-minute light time or 5-minutes light time.

Installation ideas:

  • Install under each individual stair of your staircase
  • Install under ground level cabinets or under your bed to light your walkway
  • Install inside dark closets, cabinets, trunks or sheds
  • Install under your kitchen cabinets and kitchen island
  • Install under decks, patios, lapas or garden umbrellas

Pack Includes:

  • One 12 inch (30cm) slim LED light with motion sensor
  • Attached power box with switch
  • Strong double-sided adhesive strips and screws for installation
  • One elbow connector for connecting a series of Underlights to one another

Install your Underlight yourself:

  • Use the double-sided adhesive strips and stick your lightweight light panel down on the preferred spot.
  • Remove the power box cover and install it next to the light, in an accessible place, with the two screws provided.
  • Add three AA batteries to the power box and switch on (batteries not included).
  • Slide the power box into the box cover.
  • Select whether you’d like the light to keep burning for 1 minute or 5 minutes after activation.


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