Little Bambino Tricycle with Adjustable Seat

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The perfect starter bike for your little bambino.

If you want to teach your child how to ride a bicycle this is the way to start! This will teach them the skill of how to peddle and direct on a bicycle while having the safety of the dual back wheels for balance. This will give them the confidence required before they move onto their own big bicycle! Come on outdoors! Your child can learn new motor skills and enjoy the outdoors while they're at it.


-Bell in the handle bars -The frame is made of metal, to ensure lasting longevity.

-Adjustable Seat

-Bright Colours

Keep the box contents away from small children before it is built as there are bags for screws and parts in the box that pose a choking hazard. Colour shade may differ slightly from photo due to lighting and camera used.

For safety reasons, we only provide the high chair with this tricycle.

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