Sticky Buddy 2 Piece

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The reusable sticky roller is designed to be gentle on delicate fabrics, and sticky enough to use on carpets, furniture linen and many other fabrics.

Sticky buddyis extremely easy to use. It has the power of glue and removes cat hair, dog hair, cat litter, crumbs, and more within just a few minutes. You can now easily keep your carpets, rugs, sofa covers, chairs, linen, curtains and clothes absolutely free from your pet's hair.

In order to make best use of it, simply roll it over your clothes or surface you want to clean a couple of times. It can also clean comforters and upholstery in your car. It reaches deep into the carpets and removes the crumbs and hair from it. Its little rubber fingers can easily reach into deep surfaces and thoroughly cleans rugs, doormats, and even heavy carpets.

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