Cozy Barefoot Socks

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Easy On Easy Off: Only two-step to stick, first, remove the protective film on the surface, and then stick directly to the soles of the feet. It can easily paste and take off and hardly be washed away by water.

Outer Material: Canvas

Wide Use: You use it at Any Surface: sand, rock, marble, wood and even grass; Any occasion: walking, jogging, running, hiking, surfing, etc.

Portable and Lightweight: It just like an “insole” paste the feet. And you can bring this small "insole" to anywhere you like. It is as thin as a piece of paper. Very slight and can be put into any bag or pocket.


STREET - Anti-cutting and resistant to all paving. You could go for a walk freely and leisurely.

BEACH - Walk on hot sand without thinking. Save your feet from hot superficies.

POOL - Waterproof and appropriate for the swimming pool. Keep you out of slip and safely run.

SPA - Say goodbye to your heavyflip-flops.

PARK - Be free to walk everywhere, don't need to afraid of burning sand or sharp stone.

LAWN- Release your feet from the shackles of the shoes. Enjoy free time with your family, children, and pet.

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