Shark Blanky

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The Sharky Blanky is the best snuggle blanket, sleeping bag, fishtail, character bag, blanky...whatever you call it—it’s perfect for any sleepover. Which boy child doesn’t pretend to be a shark? 

Sharky Blanky is very cozy and is the most comfortable blanky and sleeping bag for kids. It features a sewn shark tail and super soft lining. Sure to be your child’s ‘go-to’ daily blanket, this blanky functions as an inner blanket and additional blanket/s that can be thrown over for more warmth. It can be worn on the couch or snuggled in the bed. Your kids will stay happy and warm in their Shark Blanky

These adorable cuddle blankets promote powerful play and creative imagination.  The blankies are perfect for lounging at home, story time, staying cozy near the fireplace, camping, sleepovers, the beach, road trips, movie time, and when there’s a cool chill throughout any season. Sharky Blanky blankets make great gifts and even better stocking stuffers.

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