Rockin Abs Abdominal Trainer

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Get "Rock Hard" Abs Without Ever Doing a Single Crunch on the Floor!

Abdominal crunches on the floor hurt your neck, your back, and can be difficult to do. The revolutionary Rockin' Abs® Abdominal Trainer lifts you up off the floor into a cushions cradle of comfort for targeted ab blasting moves to give you those sizzling hot abs faster than you thought possible.

The Secret to "Rock Hard" Abs?
The secret can be found in its breakthrough “Core Cradling Technology.”  This fitness innovation perfectly positions your body into the ab blasting “sweet spot” providing greater range of motion and targeting your ab muscles.  Each and every rep counts!  No wasted effort – just proven ripped, rapid, remarkable results.

Rockin' Abs®: Proven Effective
You will get a tremendous abdominal workout on the Rockin' Abs® Trainer!  University testing proves that with the Advanced Jackknife you will work you upper abs, lower abs, and obliques more effectively than the gold standard crunch.

  • Core Cradling Technology:
    Perfectly positions your body to get “Rock Hard” abs
  • Rockin’ Abs Jacknife :
    Considered an elite ab toning movement
  • No assembly required:
    Comes fully assembled already
  • Included items:
    Comes with workout DVD set, owner’s manual, eating plan and 10 workout jump start guidefeatures.


*Resistance bands not included.


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