Rim door lock with mounted key pad

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Hinged Door Lock - Model HD450

KnockN’Lock™’s Rim Door Locks have a major advantage is the fact that their existence and location are not visible from the outside due to the fact that they have no outside contact points. This allows for maximum security. This kind of lock is suitable for all metal or wood doors, is easy to install, and does not require any thru

holes. A mechanical unlocking button is fitted on the lock itself. 

  • Size: L: 90mm W: 63mm H: 25.5mm
  • Housing: Zamak
  • Strike: Stainless Steel, Ø15mm
  • Finish: Silver Aluminum
  • Power: 123A Lithium Battery (Included)

Also included in the shipping pack: strike, strike spacers, mounting screws, installation template and instructions

Mounted Keypad – Model MK202  

The mounted Knock N’Lock™ keypad is especially suited for high traffic areas. The keypad can be easily attached to the door or frame for maximum security without the need for any wiring. 

  • Size: L: 130mm W: 60mm H: 23mm
  • Housing: Zamak Die Cast
  • Color and Finish: Brushed Chrome
  • Keypad: Tactile Switches, Metallic
  • Backlight: Blue
  • Power: 1 or 2 123A Lithium Battery (1 Included)

Also included in the shipping pack: mounting screws, Allen key, mounting plate

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