Remedy Health Neck and Back Massager

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Anytime, anywhere, relax as you choose

The Neck Massager stimulates the blood circulation, relaxes the neck muscles, helps reduce inflammation and neck pain, caused by poor posture and fatigue. The device has six main functions (i.e. Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3, Mode 4, Mode 5 and Mode 6. 

Why you will love it:


Using the latest 3D fitting technology, you can easily adjust the host contact patch according to the curve of your neck

Electric Pulse Massage

Electric Pulse Massage is a simulation of a variety of massage techniques in traditional Chinese medicine, promote local blood circulation, relax local muscles, massage coverage widely

Circular traction

Effectively relieve neck muscle spasm, relieve pain symptoms. regulate the balance of internal and external balance has been damaged.

Magnetic Effect

Built-in health magnet, balancing the autonomic nervous system, improve the oxgyen supply, improve the nutrition status of tissue cells, the kinds of health care functions to good effect. 2 kinds of automatic combination treatment mode, 4 kinds of manual treatment you can choose according to different needs.


  • Portable: Electric Neck Massager Portable, wireless, powered by 2 AAA batteries.
  • Choice: 6 modes of therapy, 15 levels of resistance to meet different people and different needs.
  • Multi-function: Adopts low-frequency electrical therapy, electrical impulse and magnetic field therapy to stimulate nerve fibres of different types. Helps to release the uncomfortable caused by cervical spondylosis. The electrodes can be used on the back, shoulder, arm, leg, waist, etc.
  • Flexible: U shape design with flexible wings to fit different neck sizes.
  • Digital display, backlit, simple operation, clarity


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