Remedy Health Humidifier with LED lights

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Purify the air in your home with the ultrasonic Remedy Health Humidifier with adjustable vapour flow and colour changing LED lights.

The humidifier turns water into a vaporous mist. This mist replenishes lost moisture in the air and holds many benefits for your health and that of your family.

Cold weather, heaters and air conditioners may cause the air in your home to become too dry. Dry air can cause a stuffy nose and a tight chest. The Remedy Health Humidifier places moisture back into the air and ensures that the air you breath is moist and clean. It also benefits the health of your skin by preventing dryness.

Simply fill it up with water, plug it in and switch it on. You are able to control the level of vapour dispersement by adjusting the switch. LED night lights can be switched on and off.


Features and Benefits:

  • Purifies the air you breath
  • Alleviates cold and flu symptoms
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Moisturises your skin
  • Can prevent dry skin conditions like eczema
  • Colour rotating LED night-light creates a calming atmosphere
  • Holds up to 2 liters of water
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