Remedy Health - Foot Arch Silicone Gel Support Sleeves

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Comfortable foot arch supports that can be worn with shoes

The Foot Arch Gel Support Sleeves by Remedy Health are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Unique silicone gel pads supports your inner foot arch to relieve aches, pains, and foot fatigue. The pads are also shock absorbent and works best to relieve the effects of Plantar Fasciitis through the dispersion of plantar pressure. The discreet nude colour allows you to wear them with any shoes.



  • Lightweight stretch fabric – Nylon and Elastin
  • Silicone gel support pads shaped to fit your foot’s arch
  • Relieves symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis
  • Alleviates discomfort, pains and foot fatigue
  • Shock absorbent
  • Discreet nude colour 


  • Made of Nylon, Elastin, Silicone
  • One size fits all
  • One pair per pack
  • Machine washable
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