Reebok ZR10 HRC Treadmill

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The ZR10 Treadmill combines sleek design with solid performance. Featuring a 2.0HP motor, you can run at speeds of up to 18km/h on the more than ample running deck of 132 x 45cm suitable for a maximum user weight of 120kg. The integrated LCD screen with a blue and yellow backlight offers quick and easy control to the 24 pre-set programs, user defined and target programs for a varied workout. To further increase the variety of your exercise and enhance the workout of various muscles, the ZR10 Treadmill allows inclines levels of 0 - 15% which can be viewed and adjusted through the LCD console alongside functions for speed, times, distance, calories, pulse and heart rate.

As well as being a fantastic, popular piece of equipment for improving overall cardiovascular health, treadmill running can actually help you tone and strengthen muscles. With the varied incline levels on all of our treadmills, you can work various muscle groups harder than you normally would during an outdoors run.

For that extra challenge we also recommend integrating weights or dumbbells into your training, which also helps tone your arms - something often neglected during running.

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