Reebok Hand Weight

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Exercise can be a very complex subject especially when you start thinking about different goals and objectives, but at the same time it is possible to simplify the entire subject; if you do nothing then nothing will happen, if you work your muscles against a resistance they will get stronger and be more resilient. So by doing any body weight exercise with the addition of an extra load on the muscles will speed up the results. Dumbbells that are strong and well-designed will give you years of service and open up the potential to target every muscle in your body either individually or as a team.

Twenty minutes, three times a week spent using these weights can deliver all the strength and conditioning you need to keep your muscles toned and strong, even the most basic of moves will target key muscles in your body that help improve posture and give you a firm toned appearance.

We know that some people don't exactly enjoy exercise so we wanted to make sure that our equipment is a pleasure to use. A painted metal finish might be good enough for some people but we wanted our dumbbells to ooze quality which is why we used the dipped vinyl finish, which not only makes them look good but also makes them kinder to your hands because we know that you want great looking arms but that you don't want your hands roughed up by hard metal.

Did you know?... There is a fear that all weight training causes 'BIG' muscles, but relax the Reebok training experts assure us that muscles DON'T get bigger by accident – to do that you need to lift very large weights every day and have a rigorous muscle building diet, with these dumbbells the outcome will be tone but not size.

This Reebok dumbbell is great for light power training. Strengthening exercises will make you stronger, healthier and fitter


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