Reebok Element Gym ball

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A gymball has to offer a fine balance between support and instability, if the ball is too rigid or too soft then the effects on your core stabilising muscle will be compromised. The Reebok gymballs all perform to these optimal levels if you are simply using the ball to sit on at a desk or performing dynamic exercises.

For the best results use the ball for enhancing exercises that you already know such as sit up, squats and back raises.

The materials that we use to make our gymballs are a very high quality and will give you the best performance if you follow this advice. When you blow the ball up for the first time only blow it up to 80% of the correct size then leave it overnight to allow the fibres to 'stabilise' then add the remaining 20% the next day. This will make the surface of the ball smooth and most stable.

Did you know?... All Reebok gymballs are anti- burst; now that does not mean you can stab it or kick it around. No, what it actually means is if you were unfortunate to get a puncture in the ball whilst you were using it instead of going 'pop' like a balloon it deflates slowly to avoid the risk of injury.

Elements Reebok Gym Ball. offers a level of stability and comfort. Made of high quality materials and shatterproof. It is ideal to train your abdominal muscles (eg, sit-ups), back muscles, and other exercises. The gym ball can also be used as a medical treatment and seating at work, as well as to improve balance and helps reduce the risk of injury during exercise.

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