Polaroid PMoji Kids GPS Tracker Watch

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Get Parental Peace of Mind: Stay connected with your children

Achieve all day real-time location tracking, check your child’s position anywhere and anytime.

It's not always easy to keep both eyes on active youngsters and it can be a heart-stopping question for parents: "Where is my child?" In parks, at beaches or in any public setting, your kid can wander out of view in an instant. But technology can provide some peace of mind in the form of a lightweight Polaroid GPS tracker is the next-best way of keeping track of them and ensuring their safety.


WHY YOU NEED IT: Main Features:

 Accurate Location

Uses GPS, AGPS and LBS triple positioning location for an accurate position.

Safe Incoming Calls / Voice Calls

After setting SOS/Family number, Contacts, Telephone numbers in the APP, kids can only receive calls from the setting numbers. Not from STRANGER!

Kids can press SOS or familiarity number button to call you!

Voice call and message: with call button and two-way voice function, the kids can press the call button and talk with parents whenever they want, you can send voice message to kids by pressing " Hold to talk" on phone app, and kids can also the press the Call button on the GPS watch to record voice message and send it to smartphone,

Safety Zone / Geo-fencing

The minimum fence radius is within 500 meters. After setting up the geofence set up, you will get an alert notice when the kids are out of the range of setup circle, which will secure the kids' and give you peace of mind.


You can record your child day's steps, calories, and distance. Watch your child get a healthier life!

Sleeping Monitoring

The smart watch will record your child’s sleep times, you can check the related data through the APP.

History Route

Path query in your children's historical activities by the choose the period. The device will keep a record of the historical route of the kids for three months, parents can check the records on smartphone or internet.

Find the watch

If the watch is not nearby, send a command, the watch will start to ring for 1 min so that you can easily find it, press any button will stop the ringer.

Message Alert / Alarm

The parent will receive a message on their phone when:

a. Low-voltage reminder

b. SOS reminder

c. When watch is taken off

Listen to kids

If you miss your children, you can listen to them without disturbing them.

Remote Shutting Down

You can remote turn-off the smart watch via APP.


After registering your smart watch in the phone and the APP is on-line, if someone take off the watch from your children's wrist, your phone will alert you.


Here are some helpful videos to help you set up your watch: 

01 Un boxing and inserting the sim

02 Downloading the Application on Android or Iphone & Registration and pairing the watch to the App

03 First steps to set up the application & Setting up SOS / family numbers

04 Setting up Sound guardian

05 Location update schedule

06 SMS Alerts

07 Phone Book

08 Language and time zone

09 Watch removal alert

10 Set Local base station

11 Watch finder

12 Phoning from the watch to a cell phone

13 Phoning from a cell phone to the watch


16 Setting security safe zones

17 Other features for the watch Health

18 Do not disturb

19 Alarm Clock

20 Message

21 Rewards


***Please note that this item is not waterproof***

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