Polaroid HDMI swivel cable

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Offering true digital high-definition video, multi-channel audio, and intelligent format and command data in a single high-performance digital interface, Polaroids’s High-Speed HDMI Cables provide a premium cable solution for most home entertainment needs.

Durable gold-plated connectors,and copper conductors and shielded molding, ensure HD quality for movies, TV, games and home entertainment networking. Unique multi-directional swivel ends make installation for even the most difficult of angles quick and easy.


  •  HDMI cable M/M
  •  High Speed with Ethernet
  •  Aluminium casing
  •  Gold plated connector
  •  High purity bare copper conductors
  •  Aluminium braiding, triple shielding
  •  Cable:30AWG(1P+D+AL+MY)*5+4C+AEB OD7.3mm
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