Polaroid External USB Power Pack

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Extended your battery and charge on the go with the polaroid power pack.

The Polaroid Powerpack is small enough to easily fit in a purse, briefcase, backpack and even in the palm of your hand. This lightweight but powerful polaroid battery power pack is perfect for work, vacation and everyday on-the-go. It has a modern slim, sleek, and stylish design.

Its compact design makes it convenient to carry in your pocket or purse. You could even leave it plugged in to your phone.


  • 2200 mAh Lithium-Ion battery
  • USB charge input 5V-1A – USB charge output 5V/800mA
  • Provides 3 hours of charging time
  • Charged and Ready to use
  • Includes Battery Pack and USB charging cable
  • Available in Multiple Colours including, Black, Blue, Purple and Pink
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