Pie Face Game

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Hilarious Fun for the Whole Family

Is there anything funnier than someone getting a face full of whipped cream? Now families can bring the silly fun into their homes with this laugh-out-loud Pie Face game. Just load the arm with whipped cream (not included), spin the spinner, and hope that someone else gets whipped cream on their face! The game includes a sponge that can be used in place of whipped cream.

The hilarious Pie Face game is filled with fun and suspense, and somebody's bound to get surprised! Players load the arm with whipped cream (not included), then take turns sliding their heads through the mask and spinning the spinner. But, watch out! The game unit could go off at any time giving someone a face full of whipped cream!


 Score 25 Points to Win

Get ready to take some risks -- and hope for the best -- in this hilarious Pie Face game! Feel the suspense build as players take turns in the 'hot seat' – hoping against hope to avoid being the one to get whipped cream – or a nice wet sponge -- in the face! First, load the arm. Then, it's time to take turns spinning the spinner to find out how many times each player will have to turn the handle. Click. ..click. ..click -- players score points every time they turn the handle safely, but every click brings the moment everyone is waiting for just a little bit closer. The first player to score 25 points wins! (Whipped cream not included.)

Remember: You can wet the sponge and use that instead of using whipped cream




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