Palm Power 44piece Cordless Rechargeable Screwdriver Set

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DIY in the palm of your hand! The powerful Palm Power Screwdriver is a handheld cordless and rechargeable screwdriver that comes with a set of 44 sockets and drivers attachments. This lightweight and compact DIY tool gives you the power to assemble, disassemble and repair items in and around your home quickly, easily, properly and professionally.


  • Powerful, compact & lightweight
  • Built-in LED Light for working in the dark
  • Reverse-action for screw removal
  • Cordless & reachable (charger included)
  • Twist & reverse grip for working in confined spaces
  • 44 piece set including screwdriver and attachments


  • Cupboard hinges
  • Door handles
  • Bicycles
  • Children’s toys
  • Indoor furniture 
  • Outdoor furniture and more


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