Multi-Pocket Passport Wallet

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A place for everything and everything in its place. Set yourself apart from the rest with the Multi-Pocket Passport Wallet! 

Don’t get elbowed needlessly out of the way because you’re holding up the line. With the Multi-Pocket Passport Wallet everything you need for travel is in the palm of your hands. No more worrying if you have all your documentation with the Multi-Pocket Passport Wallet you can organise your trip and relevant documents as you go along in the Multi-Pocket Passport Wallet. 


·         Get organized and travel hassle-free to other parts of the world with a roomy and specially-designed Passport Wallet

·         It has a snug outer pocket and inner compartments for business cards, ATM cards, credit cards and IDs

·         Go stylish each time you travel and even back home

·         Made of high-quality washable material

·         Available in black.


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