Miracle Blade - 12 Piece Knife Set

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World Class Stainless Steel Chef Knives

Miracle Blade Knives are top quality stainless steel knives specifically designed for optimal usage. Turn your cutting, slicing, chopping and dicing into a quick and convenient food preparation experience.

Each blade is designed with a specific function and food product in mind; glide through meat and poultry as if it was butter; slice through freshly bakes goods without leaving a crummy mess; chop, slice and dice vegetables with minimum effort; cut out gourmet food decorations with great precision and more.

Feel like a world class chef with your world class knives!


  • A Carver Knife
  • A Chop and Scoop Knife
  • A Rock & Chef Knife
  • A Slicer Knife
  • A Filet Knife
  • A Cheese Knife
  • A Paring Knife
  • Four Steak Knives
  • A pair of Chef’s Scissors / Sheers
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