Milex 2-in-1 Cordless Iron

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2400-Watt Cordless Steam or Dry Iron

The Milex 2-in-1 Cordless Iron is a 2400-Watt steam or dry iron. Special features like the ceramic base, temperature control and cordless design guarantees optimal ironing results.

With a diverse variety of setting, this iron is gentle enough to protect your most treasured garments yet strong enough to remove creases from the toughest of fabrics.


  • Spray and Steam jet
  • Permanent steam control
  • Dry ironing function
  • Continuously adjustable temperature dial
  • Charging station for cordless usage
  • Toggle switch – Iron with or without power cord


  • Iron with ceramic sole base plate
  • Rubberized Iron base charging station
  • Measuring water cup
  • Instruction Manual



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