Jidue Therapeutic Facial Massager Mask

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Unwind, sleep soundly and wake up looking and feeling amazing!

The Jidue Facial Massager Mask reduces stress and facial tension, alleviates the signs of facial fatigue such as wrinkles, eye puffiness and dark circles while it improves your quality of sleep. 

The Jidue was designed through combining the ancient principles of acupuncture and massage.18 massager pins are precisely placed to target acupressure points around your eyes. These massagers work to stimulate facial blood circulation, increase lymph flow and provide relief to stress and tension build-up.

The Jidue Facial Massager Mask allows you to fall asleep faster, sleep soundly, and wake up feeling refreshed and looking youthfully radiant. 
The Jidue has 11 different massage modes for you to choose from and is available in either black or pink.


•    The Jidue Mask
•    A Micro Cleaning Towel
•    2 Replacement Magnets

Apply for 5 minutes twice daily to see results within two weeks!

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