Intelligence AR Gun

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Returning to the new experience of shooting

AR Game Gun is a gaming gun designed for cell phones, which combines the real world and the virtual gaming world seamlessly. With the AR-Gun APP, the real world will be integrated with the virtual game world to enhance the realistic experience, let the player enjoy the interaction between reality and virtual via the visual sports.

the AR-GUN is optimized designed, holding it makes you feel like a real warrior -Move and turn around, find the enemy and shoot them by the trigger. Shooting up alien invaders, air assault ships, or skeet shooting, there's tons of fun to be had here

How to use:

Step 1: Open the battery cover and install 2xAAA battery,then Close the battery cover.  

Step 2: Search AR GUN App and download from App store or Google play

Step 3: Turn on the Phone Bluetooth and open the APP, Pull the trigger for 3 seconds to pair with your phone. 

Step 4: Choose the mode of game and enjoy yourself

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