Igia Sonic Toothbrush

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Everybody loves a bright white smile. Safely enhance your smile every day without giving up the foods and drinks you love. The Igia Sonic Oral Toothbrush offers dynamic brushing action to provides advanced sonic cleaning action which is clinically proven to remove significantly more plaque while being gentle on your mouth and gums providing noticeably visible white teeth.

The Igia Sonic Oral Toothbrush is proven to remove up to 6 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush and helps whiten teeth in just 2 weeks. The toothbrush is effective that it reaches between teeth and along the gumline


  • A 30 second brush timer assures dental professional recommended brushing time. 
  • The Igia Sonic Oral Toothbrush comes with three cleaning modes which cover a range of brushing needs:
    • Normal mode - is for exceptional daily cleaning,
    • Soft mode -  gently cleans along your gum line.
    • Refresh mode – soft brushing to gently care for sensitive mouths.
  • 21 days battery life
  • IPX7 Waterproof

This kit includes:

1 x IGIA Sonic Handle

1 x Dock Charging Station

1 x Flossing Brush Head

1 x Manual

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