Igia Phoera Eyeliner 3D

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Phoera Wing Eyeliner

Have you always wanted that perfect wing, but you just can’t get it right? Introducing Igia Phoera Eyeliner – a 2-in1 eyeliner and wing stamp. The double sided unique eyeliner has liquid eyeliner on one end and a wing stamp on the other. The stamp side has an eyeliner with a triangle seal to help you draw a beautiful wing fast.

The intensely pigmented, waterproof pen lets you achieve black liquid lines effortlessly. Every stroke is unbelievably fluid for a defined finish.

If you’ve always wanted to get a great winged eyeliner, the Phoera Eyeliner Stamp will give you the best professional finish.

In order to obtain uniform colour results on the stamp and eyeliner on the start, the eyeliner should be stored horizontally. If the eyeliner has not used for a long time and has been stored on side, the eyeliner must be stored differently.

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