Igia 3 Second Brow Stamp

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Create perfect, evenly-shaped eyebrows in seconds with the 3 Second Brow eyebrow stamp. Just use our no-mess stamps and brow powder to create a full brow with a perfect arch.

Features & Benefits:

• Perfectly matched, natural-looking brows in seconds

• Apply lightly for subtle colour or add pressure for darker colour

• Shape & define for a fuller brow or fill in sparse eyebrows

• Work great with all skin tones

• Water Resistant & Long Lasting

• Pain-Free & Hassle free application With 3-Second Brows, Eyebrow Perfection is as Easy as Pressing & Placing!

How to use

Align the stamps with your eyebrows to determine which brow shape most closely resembles your own. Without applying powder, practice stamping on your eyebrow by guiding the sponge along the shape of your eyebrow.

Open the compact. The compact includes brow powder and a mirror. In a small circular motion, gently rub the stamp into the powder until the sponge is sufficiently coated with brow powder.

While looking in the mirror, align the stamp with your eyebrow and press firmly with even pressure for 3 seconds. The harder you press, the darker your eyebrow will be. Pull the stamp away to reveal your eyebrows. If there is any excess powder around your eyebrows, you may need to touch up.

Remember, the harder you stamp, the darker the colour will be, so keep trying until you get your desired colour.



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