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The Amazing Hover Ball can glide over any smooth surface, and a powerful fan floats soccer, so easy for it to sail over hard surfaces

The Amazing Hover Ball has adopted Pneumatic suspension technology - the hover ball can float on a cushion of air produced by a powerful fan and built-in rotary motor, which makes this girl and boy toy easy to glide over any smooth surface. You can use it on your home floor, flat ground and low-pile carpet, etc., and turn any floor into an air hockey/soccer field.

This kid toy is made of Non-toxic plastics, with foam bumpers and soft cushion of foam surrounding the edge of the disc, which makes the boy toy safe enough for small kids or pets to play with. Meanwhile, the edgeless cushion disc can protect your furniture and walls from damage because it will bounce away when it crashes with objects.

This hover ball makes hockey and soccer features into one ball, which allows you to use in various ways; not only can you play as a gliding kid toy, but also you can treat it like a real soccer and kick with your feet. The hover ball is a perfect toy for outdoor and indoor games, with which your kids can enjoy. It is a good parent-kid interaction toy as you can play with your kids.

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