Copper Chef Loaf Baking Pan

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Discover the Copper Chef Perfect Loaf Pan. It's the amazing, brand-new, non-stick way to cook. Now you can roast, lift, serve, and store perfect meatloaf, fresh bread, roasts, cakes, and more! All in just one easy to use non-stick pan.

The secret is Chef-Grade Non-Stick Coating and breakthrough Lift & Serve Insert. It allows air to circulate around all 360° of your food while fat and grease drain away. Plus, it's built tough with up to 550° heat resistance.

Bake perfectly cooked meatballs or a juicy, tender pork loin. It's perfect for desserts, too. Get delicious, light-as-air Angel Food Cake that lifts out effortlessly. Even monkey bread and German chocolate cake slide right out! And forget paying expensive bakery prices.

The Copper Chef Loaf Pan even makes professional ice cream cakes! The best part? Freshly baked bread. The Copper Chef pan makes perfectly baked homemade bread from scratch. Whether it's classic white bread, healthy whole wheat, or even succulent corn bread, you get a perfectly crisp crust on the outside and a moist and fluffy inside. Plus, Chef-Grade Non-Stick Coating means clean-up's a breeze.

There's never any food stuck to the pan after you're finished baking. It's even dishwasher safe. Finally, a non-stick baking pan with no soaking or scrubbing required!

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