Copper Chef Griddle

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The Copper Chef 12" Griddle with Induction Plate empower you with three versatile cooking methods, that will allow you to effortlessly prepare meals. Use this innovative cooking system in the oven, stove top, or BBQ grill to create quick mouth-watering meals.

You can even sauté thin and small veggies, without worrying about any pieces slipping directly through a grill rack! You'll want to keep this handy system close by, especially for those occasions when unexpected guests pop by to dine.

A stainless-steel induction plate and rapid, even heat technology means you will have no hot spots—you'll be able to cook tasty evenly cooked meals. It works on all cooking surfaces—electric, gas, ceramic, and induction, and is heat resistant up to 850°. It is also PFOA & PTFE free, so you can cook without butter, oil, and chemicals. Now sauces, marinades, and bastes won't drip off on a grill surface. 

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