Collapsible Silicone Lunch Box

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The Collapsible Silicone Lunch Box is a large full portion sized lunch box with two separate compartments as well as a fork / spoon storing compartment built into the lid. These lunch boxes are perfect for those who realize the value of items that are practical above all else. 

The Collapsible Lunch box takes up minimal space;

  • Collapse and store it in a kitchen drawer without a problem.
  • Collapse and store it inside your backpack after you’ve had your lunch.
  • Use for hiking trips or camping trips when space saving is of crucial importance.

Made of food-safe silicone

Made of silicone, these lunch boxes aren’t only strong and durable, but also food-safe. This means that the material won’t react to your food and give off chemical fumes that could be harmful to your health.



  • Extended size: 26cm x 18.5cm x 6.5cm
  • Collapsed size: 26cm x 18.5cm x 3cm
  • Made of Silicone and Polypropylene 
  • Easily collapsible and extendable
  • Easily storable and movable
  • Strong and durable


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