Cake and Cookie Decorating Set

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Decorate your cakes and cookies like a pro! 

The Cake and Cookie Decorating Set includes 100 pieces that allows you to create a great variety of patterns and designs. The set also includes a complete range of lettering allowing you to write little messages on your cakes. Whatever the special occasion may be, you’ll be equipped to produce the most beautiful cakes and cookies with this decorating set.

This set includes:

  • Letter and number stencils for writing messages plus a letter holder
  • 15 Icing bags, a bag retainer ring, an applicator and nozzle coupler
  • Nozzle tips including a flower tip, petal tip, leaf tip, grass string tip, ribbon basket tip and start tip
  • Pro Icing Knife with three unique edges for detailed designs
  • Four classic stencils / cutters including a heart shape, crescent shape, Fleur-de-lis shape and vine shape
  • A flower stylus for perfecting the final details of your creations



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