Turbie Twist

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After washing your hair, women with long hair usually wrap their long hair in a heavy towel
Wrapping your hair up in the Turbie Twist hair towel is a so much easier and convenientThe advantage of Turbie Twist over using heavy towels, is the turbie twist is more comfortable lightweight and will stay in place, unlike normal towels that fall off or need constant adjusting
No more uncomfortable heavy towels that just won't stay in place. Use it when conditioning your hair or while in the sauna.
Its also a great way to keep your head warm after a shower in the winter
Ideal for everyday use at home, in the gym or while travelling


The Turbie Twist Pack Includes:



  • 1 White hair towel
  • 1 Pink hair towel
  • 1 White hair band
  • 1 Pink hair band


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