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Add a flair of colour without the long-term commitment of dying.

Hair Chalking is the newest craze in temporary hair colour. Hair Colour Chalk is temporary hair colour that rubs directly onto your hair, then washes out.

Easy to Use and temporary:

1.) Section off the amount of hair you want to colour.

2.) Slightly wet the section

3.) Apply chalk to the desired strands, by just pressing and sliding the chalk on the section.

4.) Repeat step 3 if you wish for a brighter and bold colour, the more the chalk the brighter the colour

5.) Finish up your look with your favourite hairspray

Please note: This chalk is non-toxic and will stay in the hair for 1-2 washes depending on your hair colour.

Choose your look from these 6 vibrant colours: Pink, purple, orange, blue, green, hot pink

Eye-popping hair colour. Glides on, stays vibrant, then rinses out, create a new look every day.

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