Glow Bowl Toilet Light

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No more harsh light in the middle of the night,

No more wondering where exactly the bowl is, just a soft glow showing you the way. The Glow Bowl Toilet Light motion sensor turns on when it detects motion. You don’t need to feel around in the dark anymore, looking for light switches, bumping into walls, blindly searching for the path to the toilet seat, in the middle of the night.

The flexible arm can be bent to secure the unit for any size toilet bowl– resting just below the seat lid and onto the rim. The bendable arms provide a more secure fit than other toilet lights with cheap suction cups. The Glow Bowl is easy to clean, dust and grime can be easily wiped off using a damp cloth or detergents.

The Glow Bowl toilet light helps in preventing night “accidents” by children and the elderly. The light is good enough to see without being too bright or distracting, so it won't affect your ability to go right back to sleep

It’s safe, it’s energy efficient, and it’s kind of fun too! Energy efficient because it senses movement in order to switch on - it will not light up in day time for saving the energy. It’s funny because the colourful rainbow toilet will attract your little kid which helps your lovely kid goes to toilet during night without waking you up.


This toilet bowl light works best if the sensor is facing the door.

Please do not place the Glow Bowl in water or under running water.

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