Glider with Handles

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This two-wheeled, portable scooter with a fitted handle is a rechargeable battery-powered vehicle. It consists of two wheels arranged side-by-side, joined by two small platforms on which the rider stands, and can direct with the handle going in any direction the rider chooses just by alternating ther movements. Zipping around the house or a mall has never been easier! 

The device is controlled by the rider's feet on built-in gyroscopic, censored platforms. The self balancing glider has 2 x 350w motors, Samsung Lithium battery and reaches a speed of up to 15km p/h.


• Samsung Lithium Battery 36V 4400mAh
• 350w x 2 Brushless motors
• Recharges in two hours
• Reaches a Max speed of 15km/h
• Max loading of 120 kg
• LED Lights
• One year warranty

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