Pet Zoom - Bath and Groom Brush for Dogs

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Wash, rinse and groom your pet all at the same time.

Pet Zoom is a bath and groom system that makes washing your dogs quick and easy.
Water and shampoo flows through the soft massaging rubber tips of the brush, cleaning your pet from the skin to the outer coat while gently massaging him or her at the same time. 

The shampoo reservoir situated in the handle has a release dial allowing you to have full control of how mush shampoo you wish to use. A trigger switch easily sets the devise from wash to rinse. The brush handle connects to a water hose with two connectors, all included.

The Pet Zoom makes washing your pet a single hand operation - therefore you can do it yourself at home. 

Top Features:


  • Deep cleaning and massaging rubber brush tips
  • Built in shampoo reservoir with a release dial
  • Switch from wash (shampoo) to rinse (clear water) with the trigger switch
  • Comfort Grip Handel 
  • Cleans and grooms all types of dogs
  • Use indoor or outdoors



  • Bath and Groom Brush
  • Water hose
  • 2 Connectors
  • Instruction manual


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