Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn Kit

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Great Looking Lawn – Four Seasons Long!


Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn is a grass seed and soil conditioner based spray that covers up dry lawn patches and allows new grass to grow wherever you spray it. This green coloured eco-friendly formula will allow you to have a great looking lawn all year long. 

This product employs the popular planting method called hydroseeding. Simply attach your hosepipe to the device and let the water deliver the special mixture to where it needs to be.

The “Spray and Stay” technology lets the formula penetrate treated areas effectively. The solution attaches the seed to the soil while the conditioning agent loosens hard soil allowing it to absorb water more rapidly.

New perfectly green grass should appear in the treated areas within 6-9 days.

The high quality select grass seed blend will ensure that the treated spots blend perfectly with the rest of your lawn.

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Use to restore:

  • Pet urine spots
  • Shaded areas 
  • High traffic areas and more

Kit Includes:

  • Hydroseeding Canister
  • Spray head
  • Hosepipe Nozzle
  • Special Grass Seed Blend - 125 g
  • Hydro Mousse Liquid Formula - 60 ml

How to use?

  • Add the grass seed and liquid formula
  • Assemble the spray head and nozzle to the canister
  • Attach the hose and turn on the tap, 
  • Set the dial
  • Proceed to spray the problem areas on your lawn


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