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Forever Comfy is the amazing double layer foam and gel cushion that makes every chair more comfortable no matter how long you sit. The 2 layers of high density foam and the inner layer of therapeutic gel distribute your weight evenly to eliminate pressure points and reduce impact on muscles and joints. It instantly conforms to your unique shape for customized comfort, giving you the ultimate support for your back and bottom. Soft fleece cover is machine washable. 16 1/2"x 14 1/2"x 3 1/2".

  • Gel Comfort Core
  • Great for hard chairs, car seats, even wheelchairs!

Sitting in a chair for long periods of time not only makes your lower back ache but it can leave you with a sore bottom too. And car seats can really be uncomfortable, plus all those hours you spend at the computer can add up to an even more stressed and strained back. Well the problem isn't how you're sitting; it's the lack of support and cushioning.


The Forever Comfy Combination Cushion provides support and comfort for both your back and bottom when you sit down. It will help prevent your back from aching and your bottom from becoming sore when you sit down for too long.

  •  Faux sheepskin on the outside with a combination of gel core and high density foam on the inside 
  • The gel and foam instantly lessen the discomfort caused by hard, poorly cushioned surfaces 
  • Works on practically any seat the from living room dinning chair to a car seat 
  • Soothing for those who spend most or all of the day sitting 
  • Light weight, portable and washable 



Forever Comfy instantly conforms to your unique shape for customised comfort every time you sit down. Unlike traditional cushions that are just foam Forever Comfy contains two layers of high density foam and an inner layer of comfort gel. It distributes your weight evenly to help eliminate uncomfortable pressure points and reduce impact on muscle and joints. 

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