Fire Eyes Helicopter

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Helicopter features:


  • LED remote control and charger
  • Powers off automatically when propellers are obstructed to avoid damage
  • Suitable for outdoor flight and long range control distance
  • Ultra-long flight experience with precise control
  • 7.4/1500ma protection board with high-energy lithium polymer battery
  • Fashionable, stable, and durable
  • Function: Up, Down, Forward, Backward, Left/right turn, acceleration and deceleration



  • Dimensions: 79cm Length 12cm Height x 28.8 cm
  • Rotor diameter 525mm
  • Weight: 584g
  • Range: 50 - 60m
  • Battery: 7.4V 1500mAh rechargeable battery

The gyroscope feature is built in for balance, accurate direction control and stability
The Fire eyes automatically maintains its position when the remote control is let go
The tail assembly is designed for to respond to the remote control quickly for great airobatic control and precise daring maneuvers

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