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The Fidget Cube is an innovative toy designed to reduce stress and improve cognitive performance. Use the Fidget Cube everywhere whether you’re on the job, in the classroom, at your house or on an adventure. Relieve stress, anxiety and keep your hand still. Helps ADD, ADHD, and Autism kids to maintain focus and concentration.

COMBAT ANXIETY & BREAK BAD HABITS: Whether you're trying to quit a habit like nail biting or smoking, or you're trying to focus and get your mind off your problems, having something to do with your hands helps immensely. In life, sometimes we will suddenly feel stressed, Then you might be pessimistic may want to listen to your body.  That's where these amazing stress relief fidget cube desk toys come in!


By providing your brain with additional sensory information, you redirect your mental resources from whatever else you may be thinking to the task at hand, so to speak. That way, it's much easier to relax and focus on something else!

By doing something with your hands, you're feeding your brain extra sensory information to process, which causes it to shift its "attention" from what's stressing you to what you're doing at the moment.

Relieving stress and focusing attention with fidget toys is a method frequently utilized in therapy, after all: these little toys are a great practical treatment aid for stress, anxiety, and attention-related therapies

Every Fidget Cube comes with six dynamic fidget features.

The SOOTHE face is inspired by traditional worry stones used to reduce anxiety when rubbed. Pivot the SWITCH back and forth gently if you're looking to fidget silently, or TWIRL for a more continuous motion. You don't have to be a gamer to enjoy the unusually satisfying gliding action of the ANALOG joystick. No need to click that pen anymore UNLOCK with the 3 clicker buttons and COMPRESS with a 5 button face to satisfy the clicker in each of us.

The Fidget Cube is compact and portable, can be put in the pocket, Does not occupy any space

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