Electric Heated Drying Rack for Clothes

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This sturdy aluminium drying rack has multiple heated rails that dries your clothing and heats up your towels in minutes. Two extending side wings makes for extra hanging space.

This drying rack is ideal for indoor use during cold rainy seasons when it is just impossible to get your laundry to dry. It is a great alternative to using a tumble drier since it uses a minimum amount of electricity.

To use, simply unfold the rack, plug it in and switch it on at the power-indicating switch. This drying rack will not burn your hands or your clothing items since it will only heat up to a maximum of 55 degrees Celsius. Fold the drying rack up and store it with ease when you’re not using it. 


  • Made of Aluminium
  • Eight 94cm long rails
  • Ten 50cm long rails on the extension wings
  • Power indicating on/off switch
  • Heats up to 55 Degrees Celsius

Safety Instructions:


  • Do not immerse in water or other liquid
  • Place on a level flat surface
  • Do not place near other heat emitting appliances such as gas ovens, stoves or heaters
  • Do not place in a high traffic area where the cord could obscure a walkway
  • Don’t leave unattended when there are children present
  • Unplug the appliance when not in use
  • Suitable for domestic use only


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