Easy View HD Anti-Glare Automobile Sun Visor

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Sunglasses are helpful while driving, but on some days your car needs some shades too. 

The Easy View HD fits onto any visor to prevent glare in your driver's line of sight. The high density sun diffuser can be adjusted to block more intense light. The Easy View can easily be flipped up or down when needed. It is also good for your passenger, especially if they're helping you to spot signs on your road trip. 

Being blinded by the light is dangerous if you're on the road, and even if you have sunglasses it's nice to have some extra glare protection.

Another nice feature of the Easy View HD is the sliding high density sun diffuser. Just slide it to wherever the sun is and it reduces the glare even further as well as keeping you from being blinded! ​ 

Quick and easy to install, no tools are required! It slides right onto the visor and can be flipped down quickly and easily when needed. It acts as an extension of the visor but doesn't block your view of the road and vehicles around you. 

Product Features:

  • Removes glare from blinding sunlight and reflective surfaces
  • Anti-glare lens filters harmful UV rays
  • Protects the eyes from harmful sun glare and eye fatigue
  • Does not impair your ability to see the road
  • Fits on any visor and flips up for easy storage
  • Filters car lights at night
  • Moveable high density sun diffuser included
  • Can be used during any season
  • Makes your experience safer and more enjoyable
  • May reduce the chance of getting into an accident
  • High tech design blends into the décor of the world's finest automobiles
  • Quick and easy to install - no tools or assembly needed
  • Fits most cars, vans and SUV's
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