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Reduce your laundry’s drying time by up to 30 to 40% and you can use them for 2000 loads. YOUR CLOTHES WILL LAST LONGER since they will be exposed to less wear and tear in the dryer. Reduce static further by making sure clothing is not over-dried. Try taking clothes out sooner than you usually do. Dryer Sheep Wool Balls naturally soften laundry with no static, cost. Enjoy soft, fluffy, wrinkle and static free clothes, linen and cloth diapers. S Balls are cost-effective and a step towards a chemical free, sustainable household.

Reduce static cling

The wool dryer balls create less friction against your laundry fibers and less friction leads to less static and a softer load. Prevents static cling by not allowing your clothes to rub against each other so that your drying load comes out static free.

Eliminates Wrinkling, Twisting and Tangling of Clothes

Wool dryer balls reduce the need to iron your laundry and minimize clothing damage while lengthening your clothes life.

Saves you money and time

With energy costs rising, it can be expensive to run your dryer. Shortening your drying time saving you money and time. No more expensive dryer sheets and lasts for years. Quieter in the dryer and won't disintegrate, shed nibs or smell like toxic plastic like other spiky dryer balls on the market.

Once in a while some balls have a sheepy scent. Since our balls are made of pure wool, they sometimes smell wooly! The scent will fade during your first 1 to 2 uses. You may also set the balls in the bright sun for a few hours or add a few drops of essential oil to them.

● Keep dryer balls away from pets. They will think they are fun toys.

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