Cordless Hair Straightener Pink

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Feel and Look your best wherever you go!

Whip out your Cordless Hair Straightener in between meetings, after the gym, in the cab or just before your date. The compact design fits easily into your hand bag and the small plates enable users to get closer to hair roots to provide you with outstanding performance and astonishing results. This straightener is very convenient as it is USB rechargeable.

The Cordless Hair Straightener is great for transforming frizzy, dull hair into gorgeously straight, sleek locks. Aside from straightening, the Cordless Hair Straightener curls and flips hair beautifully.

This on-the-go straightening iron provides great style without making a mess or taking too much time.  The straighter is small making it easy to handle and easy to pack when travelling – fits perfectly in your purse for a fast pack up and go.

You can use it anywhere you want without having to be attached to an outlet! USB Charging Cable

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