Copper Chef Crisper

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Transform your Oven into an Air Fryer

Transform your oven into an air fryer. Evenly cooks all your favourite fried foods perfectly. Copper Chef Crisper catches all grease and drippings with the included cookie sheet all with 360° cooking.

Get the crunch and crisp you can't resist cooking sheets and aluminium foil are not ventilated so food cooks too fast on the bottom and too slow on the top, resulting in burnt food. But with Copper Crisper you get crispy evenly cooked food every time.

The unique, elevated non-stick mesh tray allows heated air to pass through and circulate around all 360 degrees of your food, just like a convection oven.

The Non-Stick Basket allows air to circulate around food and you can cook without butter or oils.

The Cookie Sheet catches crumbs, drips and splatters, keeps your oven clean and safe, also makes a great non-stick baking sheet.


The Copperchef Crisper comes in 2 sizes.


Medium Crisper for R599.95

Large Crisper for R699.95

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