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Fast, Effective, Drug-Free Pain Relief

Control pain without the use of needles. Click and Care is a handy, fast working pain relief device shaped like a pen. It is small enough that you can carry it around discreetly. Treatments only take 30 seconds and can be used anywhere anytime and can be used to give instant relief even when fully clothed. Click and Care is a natural pain relief device that can be used as often as you want without the fear of overdose.

How does it work?

Pressing the button on top of the device to deliver a low frequency, gentle electric charge produced by crystals, straight to the point of pain. Each click sends a pulse that will activate endorphins, the body's natural painkillers to free you from pain. This stimulating frequency can thus provide prolonged and often instant relief.

  • Use anytime, anywhere
  • Handy pocket size
  • No Leads, pads and batteries
  • Maintenance free
  • Safe and Simple to use
  • Can be used over light clothing
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