Bake Pops

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Cake popping is the new fashionable way to make bite sized round cakes.Round balls of cake dipped in icing, chocolate or frosting covered in sprinkles on a stick, just like a lollipop but made of cake.Bake Pops are delicious, easy-to-make treats, just the fill the bake pop baking pan with batter, put the lid on, pop them in the oven and get ready to poke a stick in them, decorate them and eat them.The quality non stick baking pan holds 18 pops and is dishwasher safe for easy clean up.Not Just kids, but everyone loves Bake Pops.

The BAKE POPs kit includes:

  • Bake Pops non stick, microwave safe cooking tray
  • 18 reusable pop sticks






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