Adult Mermaid Blanky

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Don’t you just hate it when you get comfy, all wrapped around the blanket, but your feet are cold? Well, that wouldn’t be the case with one of our mermaid blankets. They are designed to maintain heat and not let it escape!

An adorable fish tail blanket with a wide opening and open fins to fit your legs. Just like a sleeping bag, just climb in and stay warm. Great to wrap yourself on the sofa watching TV, reading in bed or nap on the couch

Climb inside for coziness - Mermaid Blankie are made from premium-grade, super soft, super plush, double-sided soft minky fleece fabric, and a gorgeously sewn, fully-lined tail which you can slide your feet for extra coziness.

Mermaid blankies are perfect for movie nights, sleepovers, bachelorettes, girls nights, camping, road trips and just hanging out with friends and family.

Mermaid Blankies are super durable and machine washable. The Mermaid Tail Blanky is designed to fit all adults. 

Please be sure to check out our kids' size Mermaid Tail Blanky and Boys Shark Tail Blanky.


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